How To Update An Existing Password

If you are an existing customer, you will have recently received an e-mail from Stanley Gibbons requesting that you update your password for your online account.



This is the result of the release of our new website, and simply a precautionary measure to ensure the security of your existing account.

To update your password, simply select the “Access My Account” button (you may need to enable links in your email provider to do so) and you can either enter a brand new password or your existing one.

Once you have click “Save” on this link. Your account will once again be fully activated.

How To Update Your Password From Your Account

You can update your password at any time by first logging into your account using your existing details.  You will be taken straight to your Account Dashboard.  Here, you will see all of the account information you have previously entered, and the option to Change Password-



You will be asked to enter your existing password before being able to update to a new one.  Ensure to hit Save at the bottom of the page.  You will be shown a confirmation message if this has been successful.

I Have Forgotten My Password:

If you have forgotten your password, not to worry, as you can easily generate a new one to get you back into your account.  First of all, select the “Log In” tab as you usually would.  Below where you sign in, you will see a Forgotten Password link-



You will need to enter the email address your account is linked to, and select Submit.



This will generate a new password which will be sent to your email account.  Please use this to login.  Once you are back online, you can easily change this to something more memorable (please see Update Your Password).

If you should not receive this e-mail, please first check your Spam/Junk box before contacting Customer Support (




I Have Changed My E-mail Address, How Can I Update This?

If you have changed your email address, you can now easily update this  via your Account Dashboard.  First of all, please sign in using the email address your account was previously linked to.  This will take you straight to your Account Dashboard.  Please select “Account” down the left hand side of this page-



You will then have the option to enter a new Email Address in the bottom field.  Please ensure you hit Save to maintain this change.  If you wish, you can also opt to update your password at the same time by selecting the checkbox next to “Change Password”-