The Collect British Stamps and the Great Britain Concise catalogues list and price the stamps of Great Britain. They include all definitive's (the every day stamp,) commemorative and special issues, regional's, postage dues, officials and Post & Go stamps.

For the general GB collector, the Collect British Stamp catalogue is perfectly adequate, with a straightforward and easy to use format and for what the Collect may not contain, the Concise can make up for.

The Concise includes errors, inverted watermarks, booklets and booklet panes, major plate flaws, 'Specimen' overprints, 'Smiler's' sheets, telegraph stamps, printer and designer information, postal fiscals, detailed Machin and Post & Go listings and much more background information.

Prices are reviewed for both catalogues every year, and a collector who wants to keep up to date with the current market would benefit from having both.

Collect British Stamp catalogues are released in the winter of each year and you can purchase the latest one here.

The Great Britain Concise catalogues are released in the Spring of each year, which you can purchase the latest edition of here.

Alternatively you could call our Order Team on 01425 472 363 and one of our Customer Support Team members will be happy to take your order.