Appraisals and Valuations
Here at Stanley Gibbons we are happy to give advice on the potential value of single stamps, postal history and collections. In fact anything philatelic that you may wish to sell.

Most of the enquiries we receive are understandably from non-philatelists and are usually regarding collections that they have inherited or a few loose stamps found in a dusty draw. In which case as a good starting point it is best to contact us via email. Please do your best to provide a brief outline of what you have for sale and more importantly attach sample photos of what you believe to be the oldest, best condition and most valuable stamps.

File size should be no more than 15MB.

If the stamps are in an album please send photos of the album pages as opposed to individual stamps.

A sample of the collection should be sufficient, please do not send photos of the entire collection.

We will not value the collection from a scan or photograph, they are simply for us to assess what you have, and decide whether further examination is required.

Please bear in mind, the number of enquiries we get on a daily basis is overwhelming. Unfortunately we cannot respond personally to each and every appraisal request we receive. If we believe the items submitted are of value and worth further investigation we will contact you to arrange a valuation and possible offer of sale.

How to contact us should you wish to sell:

For collections of stamps from the rest of the world or large general collections contact us at

Sadly we have to disappoint many customers as collections are often less valuable than assumed. Before you contact us here are a few of the common misconceptions:

  • Modern commemorative issues and first day covers (Post 1960’s). Postal authorities throughout the world have promoted and issued these in vast numbers and unfortunately they have limited resale value.
  • Royalty omnibus issues (Royal Weddings, births or visits etc.) although lovely souvenirs of the event they again have limited resale value.
  • “Schoolboy” collections, perhaps better described, as accumulations tend to contain stamps in small “All world” paperback albums from various countries and are often postmarked or cut directly from envelopes. Quality is often atrocious with many of the stamps creased, torn or even with large chunks missing. Quality is paramount with stamp collecting and collections of this type are very rarely of any value.
  • Old stamps, just because a stamp is old it does not necessarily make it valuable. Letter writing was the number one form of communication prior to the telephone and the internet, even stamps from the 19th century have survived in huge quantities and are often of little value.

For specialised collections of stamps from Great Britain contact us at

For specialised collections of stamps from the British Commonwealth or the former British Empire contact us at

Please note: Stanley Gibbons does not provide a free valuations service for probate purposes. For probate valuations please contact one of our professional appraisers.

Ryan Epps - +44 (0) 20 7557 4416 or

Steve Matthews - +44 (0) 20 7557 4423



Unfortunately we can neither offer free valuations for collections we do not want to buy or sell, we do however, publish a full range of award winning catalogues which can help you with your collection