Stanley Gibbons Catalogue Pricing

The prices quoted in our catalogues are the estimated selling prices of Stanley Gibbons Ltd at the time of publication. They are, unless it is specifically stated otherwise, in fine condition for the issue concerned. Superb examples are worth more; those of a lower quality considerably less.

Stanley Gibbons Marketplace Prices

Stamps sold by Stanley Gibbons primarily correlate to the values found in the most recent Commonwealth and British Empire Stamp catalogue and their counterpart catalogues from around the world.

The prices stated in our catalogues refer to stamps in both mint and used conditions. Please note that the item price reflects the condition; this is ascertained by one of our specialists, as such, the price may differ from that stated in our catalogues.

Independent Seller Prices

The item price set by sellers on the Marketplace is set independently of Stanley Gibbons and at the sellers discretion.


Buyer's premiums and/or any other arbitrary percentages or fixed/variable fees are prohibited, unless otherwise exempted by Stanley Gibbons via written consent.

Please note that the “item price” does not include Shipping and Handling, this charge must be realistic, and is not allowed to be excessive. This same policy applies towards multiple items won by a single buyer, in regards to combined shipping and handling. The definition of excessive is at our discretion, but can usually be obtained using good judgment.

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