Catalogue Number

This is a unique number for each stamp to help the collector identify stamps in the listing. The Stanley Gibbons numbering system is universally recognised as definitive. 

Catalogue Value

This is the value that Stanley Gibbons would pay to purchase a high quality/fine stamp in either Mint or Used condition. Mint/Unused prices for pre-1945 stamps are for lightly hinged examples. Used prices generally refer to fine postally-used examples. For certain issues they are for cancelled-to-order. Prices assume stamps are in 'fine condition'. The minimum catalogue price quoted is 10p and is intended as a guide. (Note: the catalogue value, which can vary over time, does not depict the price quoted on the listing).


This is the colour of the stamp as depicted in the Stanley Gibbons Colour Key, which includes the 200 colours most used for stamp identification. In instances where there is a compound colour name, the second is the predominant one, thus: orange-red = a red tending towards orange. 


The condition of the stamp i.e. Mint or Used. Using this option ensures you only see items that are in the condition that you like to collect.

Date of Issue

This is the date of the stamp/set of stamps was issued by the post office and was available for purchase. When a set of definitive stamps has been issued over several years, the Year Date given is for the earliest issue. 


This is the name given to identify the stamp (usually the same as the Catalogue Number)


This refers to the value of each stamp and is the price it was sold for at the Post Office when issued. Some modern stamps do not have their values in figures, but instead shown as a letter, for example Great Britain use 1st or 2nd on their stamps as opposed to the actual value.


The format of a stamp, for example Block, Pair, Sheet, or Single.

Issuing Year

Select from a pre-selected date range or select your own date range within the search box to return only listings that include stamps from your pre-defined date of issue range. 


Choose your price range, specifying how much or how little you wish to spend, so that you may browse only the items that are affordable to you.


Seller Name

Find a particular seller who is listing the stamp you are searching for (useful if you have a favourite seller in mind). For more guidance on how to search for a seller, please visit our Find a Seller article.

Stamp Category

The category can relate the issuing country or could be explained by topical or period i.e. 'Pre 1945'

Stamp Type

If you only collect a particular type of stamp, Airmail for example, this option will allow you to only see relevant items, so that you need not worry about looking through listings that aren't within your collecting area.